Winter in Niagara

The beauty of the frozen waters of Niagara Falls attracts thousands of tourists in the winter. December in Niagara becomes a winter fairy tale, like a Christmas card. Temperatures during this period are below zero, but this does not scare tourists who decided to celebrate Christmas and New Year in this unforgettable way.

Hotels offer special winter packages but are usually full during the holidays. Most of the attractions around the waterfall are closed at this season. Of course, however, Niagara offers a number of opportunities for a pleasant winter vacation.

Winter events and attractions

The Festival of Lights, which takes place in November and December, is a favorite attraction for the winter enthusiasts. Everyone can visit the festival in Niagara Parks Winter Wonderland without paying a fee. However, donations to support the festival`s consumables are collected every year. The magnetic view of over 3 million lights placed on the ground and around the trees, as well as 125 light displays, makes attending the festival a must-do. Part of the spectacular light displays are put in Oakes Garden Theatre, Queen Victoria Park, and Floral Showhouse

If you like good wine, the local wineries are open all year round. They offer а combination of delicious food, tours, and tastings. In a short time, you will get acquainted with the process of making some of the most famous wines on the continent.

In December, some of the most beloved attractions around Niagara Falls are open. Journey Behind the Falls offers the opportunity to see the ice cubes in the waters of the waterfall and the beautifully formed ice forms from the closest possible. The 130-year-old tunnels will take you behind Horseshoe Falls itself. You can also see the base of the waterfall. However, access is limited to only one observation deck to avoid accidents.

niagara falls winter
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The last week of December is illuminated by another evening event – every night at 9.00 p.m. you can watch Niagara Falls Fireworks, and on New Year’s Eve and midnight.

If you want to enjoy the snowy picture, you can climb the observation decks of the Skylon Tower or take a ride on the Niagara SkyWheel where the temperature is controlled so you can feel comfortable enough in the closed cabins. You can also visit the Floral Showhouse and the Bird Kingdom if you prefer to hide from the low temperatures.

Clifton Hill is one of the must-see stops for tourists in December due to the many open museums, restaurants, shops and entertainment attractions. Even this month, attractions such as: Nightmares Fear Factory, Guinness World Records Museum, Movieland Wax Museum and many others remain open.

The same goes for restaurants. You can enjoy local delicacies, profiled cuisine, saddles, steakhouses and more.

Niagara also houses two casinos that are operating at full speed at this time of year – Fallsview Casino and Casino Niagara. There you can have fun, win or visit one of the live performances.

On New Year’s Eve, you can have fun with live performances, fireworks and lots of organized entertainment.


There is no doubt that your December vacation will remain unforgettable if you spend it in Niagara. The memorable views are shaped mostly by the snow and the ice sheet. Due to the moisture, the ice covers the nearby trees, and in combination with sunlight, the trees look like they came out of a fairy tale. The waterfalls also look amazing with ice blocks downstream.

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