Table Rock Welcome Center

Table Rock Welcome Center
Table Rock Welcome Center is located on the Canadian coast of Niagara, Ontario. It is the perfect place where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfalls, the picturesque architecture, and also a good choice for a place for trouble or shopping, as it has a retail zone.

The complex consists of two buildings, with a warm connection between them, a market area, and an observation tower on several floors. The north building houses the Welcome Center, Niagara’s Fury, a whitewater simulation, and the ticket offices for Journey Behind the Falls, specialty stores, exchange offices as well as the retail zone. It is the older of the two buildings, built in 1926.

The south building, built in 1974, has a more formal restaurant overlooking the waterfall. If you choose to eat something quickly, there is also a snack bar on the first floor.

The name Table Rock originates from the nearby rock formation, just a few meters from the current welcome center. The idea for such a center came from a tourist attention competition between Thomas Barnett and his museum of novelties and Saul Davis, owner of Prospect House, who built Table Rock House in 1853.

As early as the 40s of the 19th century from the complex can be reached the base of Horseshoe Falls. Gradually the stairs leading there turned into lifts, and from 1905 the tunnels were built, which give the modern look of Journey Behind the Falls.

Interest in the observation platform of Table Rock is growing rapidly, leading to constant renovations and the creation of an upper-deck platform and subsequently of the southern building.

An interesting fact is that the complex was filmed in the famous movie Superman II.

At the welcome center, you can rent a wheelchair if needed. You can find a paid parking right across the street.

Niagara Parks and in particular Table Rock Center is a must-stop during your vacation. The key location and the opportunity to combine walking, watching the waterfalls, taking photos, visiting attractions, delicious lunch, and shopping give the unique charm of this place.

Located in: Fallsview Tourist Area
Address: 6650 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
Province: Ontario
Phone: +1 905-358-3268

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