Cave of The Winds Niagara Falls – A Journey To Remember

Picture of Cave of The Winds Niagara Falls under American Falls and Bridal Veil

Cave of The Winds General Information

The Cave of the Winds is one of the most popular and unique attractions at Niagara Falls. It is located at the base of the American Falls and offers visitors a chance to experience the power and majesty of the falls up close. The Cave of the Winds tour takes visitors on a journey behind the falls, where they can feel the mist and spray of the falls on their skin, and hear the roar of the water as it tumbles over the edge.

The tour begins with a ride on an elevator that takes visitors 175 feet down into the Niagara Gorge. Once at the base of the gorge, visitors will board the “Hurricane Deck” a wooden platform that extends out into the Niagara River, just a few feet from the base of the American Falls. From here, visitors can experience the full force of the falls and feel the mist and spray as the water tumbles over the edge.

The Hurricane Deck is also a great place to take photos and videos of the falls. Visitors can also take a guided tour of the Cave of the Winds and learn about the history and geology of the falls. The tour guide will also point out interesting features of the falls and answer any questions visitors may have.

There, just 6 meters from the falling water of Bridal Veil Falls you can feel the jet of water and the drops on your face. Before the start of the tour, they give you a poncho and special flip-flops so that you don’t get your shoes wet and your clothes stay dry (as much as possible).

A specially designed deck allows people with mobility problems or small children also to have the opportunity to perform the tour. They always take all safety measures. The attraction works with timed tickets, so it’s best to either plan your time precisely or make this your first visit of the day.

The name of the attraction comes from a cave discovered behind Bridal Veil Falls by Joseph W. Ingraham, who noticed it from a height. The first people to actually visit it and go inside were Barry Hill White and George Sims, who tried to give it the name “Aeolus’ Cave”, but this name was not liked and the cave remained known as Cave of the Winds.

Brief History

The story of the origin of the name Cave of the Winds is also interesting. It is connected with the beliefs of the ancients Apache that the cave is home to the Great Spirit of the Wind. Over the decades, under the action of water erosion, the cave became too dangerous for tourists. There are also serious accidents and deaths. According to engineers, the entrance to the cave became dangerous and in 1955 it was destroyed by a controlled explosion of dynamite.

The cave was discovered in 1834 by a man named Augustus Porter, who was the first person to walk behind the American Falls. He built a wooden staircase that led down into the Niagara Gorge, and the cave became a popular tourist destination.

However, in the late 1800s, the staircase and the cave were washed away by a massive flood. In 1894, a new Cave of the Winds was built, and it featured a series of wooden decks and walkways that led visitors behind the falls. The new cave was a popular attraction, and it was visited by millions of people over the next few decades.

In the 1920s, the original Cave of the Winds was destroyed again by another flood. In 1924, a new and improved cave was built, this time using concrete and steel. The new cave featured an elevator that took visitors down into the gorge, and it also featured a series of decks and walkways that led visitors behind the falls.

The Cave of the Winds was once again destroyed in 1955 by yet another flood. But it was rebuilt and opened again in 1956 with some improvements, such as a new elevator and an improved deck. The Cave of the Winds has been open to the public ever since, and it remains one of the most popular and iconic attractions at Niagara Falls.

The Cave of the Winds offers visitors an up-close and personal experience with one of the most powerful and beautiful natural wonders in the world. It’s a unique and thrilling experience that offers a glimpse into the history and geology of the falls. Visitors can feel the mist and spray of the falls on their skin and hear the roar of the water as it tumbles over the edge. It’s a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting Niagara Falls.

Video Tour

Ticket Prices
The visit of Cave of the Winds at Niagara Falls costs $19 for an adult and $16 for children aged 6 to 12 (they must be at least 106 cm tall). For children under 5, the attraction is free. There are two announced prices for group visits – for Friday and Saturday the price is $15, and from Sunday to Thursday it is $ 13. There is also a discount for students attending it – $ 11.

If you have a car, you have the opportunity to leave it in a paid parking lot, which will cost you $10 a day.

The attraction is usually fully opened from May (the beginning of the tourist season). Until September 6 Niagara Falls Cave of the Winds works with working hours from 9am to 8.15pm (Sunday to Thursday) or until 9.15 pm (Friday and Saturday). When the height of the tourist season is over, the working hours change. In the period from September 7 to October 11 it works until 6.15 in the evening (8.15 in the evening only on Saturday), and until October 18 only until 4.15 p.m.

Tour duration

The tour lasts between 45 and 60 minutes – a time when you will learn more about the archeology and history of the cave.

During the cold season, access to the attraction is severely limited due to the risk of accidents. However, it is recently possible to visit it in the winter. You can buy a la carte timed ticket at a price of $7 for an adult, $5 for a child. It can only be bought on the spot, not online.

Working Hours

The attraction runs from 9a.m. to 3p.m. In previous years Cave of the Winds was closed from October or November to May.

During some big holidays, it works part-time. These are the Independence Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, and Columbus Day Weekend. During Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day it is totally closed.

Cave of the Winds at Niagara Falls is one of the most wanted attractions and this is not a coincidence. You get the opportunity to hear the interesting story and see and feel the nature power up close.

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How long is the Cave of the Winds tour Niagara Falls?

Around 1 hour.

Is there a cave behind Niagara Falls?

In our days NO. The name "Cave of the Winds" is not entirely accurate. In the 1800s, people could stand under the Falls because there was a rock overhang or a cave-like structure. The Cave fell apart at the beginning of the 1900s, but the name remained the same.

How much walking is Cave of the Winds?

1/4 mile, plus steps to hurricane deck.

Is Cave of the Winds in USA or Canada?

It is located in the USA part of the Niagara Falls

Is Cave of the Winds hard to walk?

No, but the steps are very steep and wet. There is a possibility of slipping. Take your time and use the railing. Walk slowly because the stairs are wide enough for someone to pass you if they want to.

Do you get shoes at Cave of the Winds?

You will be given sandals to wear when you visit Cave of the Winds. You don't need to worry specifically about what shoes to wear because Cave of the Winds will provide you with free waterproof shoes to wear (sandals). Because you will be taking off your shoes to put on the sandals Cave of the Winds provides, it really makes no difference what shoes you wear to Cave of the Winds in Niagara Falls.

Does Cave of the Winds have a place to store shoes?

The Cave of the Winds does not have a designated space for visitors to store their shoes. You also are not permitted to put your shoes down somewhere with the intention of retrieving them on your way out of the building.

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