Whirlpool Rapids Bridge – a Connection between Canada and USA

Whirlpool Rapids Bridge is а connection between Ontario in Canada and New York, USA. It is 2 kilometers away from Niagara Falls.

The 329 meters long arch bridge consists of two levels. The above is intended for railway transport only. Vehicles are allowed on the lower level and all passers-by are required to have a NEXUS card. Even with more passengers in one car, everyone must have a NEXUS card.

Pedestrians or commercial vehicles are not allowed to cross the bridge.

Whirlpool Rapids Bridge was built on the ruins of Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge. It was created for the purpose of transporting goods by train. Over time, however, the locomotives designed for this bridge became too non-functional because they did not have enough capacity. Thus, a decision was made to create a new bridge around the remains of the old one.

Crossing the bridge is only allowed for NEXUS cardholders. NEXUS is an agreement between the US and Canadian border authorities. Having this card means that people are low-risk travelers and can cross the border easily without waiting in queues.

There are some tips that can make your trip through the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge easier. First of all, be prepared that there are tolls that have to be paid when crossing. Secondly, check the status of traffic in real-time through the site of the bridge or by calling a special phone number. Traffic usually increases on Friday as well as during the tourist peak from May to September.

Another thing is to follow the radio station 1610, where important information is given about passing the bridge. Last but not least, pay attention to the road signs before the bridge, which can give you important information if there are repairs on the road.

Crossing the bridge can be fast without unnecessary stops if you are prepared with the necessary information and documents.

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