Recreational Activities in Niagara Falls

A lot of visitors to Niagara Falls, Ontario are not looking for adventures, but prefer to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Regardless of your hobbies, preferences, and interests, Niagara can offer you everything you need for a recreational vacation.

Of course, the waterfalls make Niagara one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But this place can offer the opportunity to practice various sports – baseball, softball, basketball, bowling, golf, gymnastics, rugby, horseback riding, skating, skiing, swimming, fishing, and much more. You can enjoy green parks and bike lanes for cycling enthusiasts. There are a number of art centers for art lovers.

Niagara is becoming one of the most beloved destinations by golfers. Various courses of difficulty, level of professionalism, and duration are offered. World-class tournaments are also held.

The parks offer different walking routes, depending on which sights you want to see, whether you like long rocky and steep routes or prefer a quiet walk through the greenery.

The hiking routes cover 15 km. through different terrains. While you are walking, you have the opportunity for a pleasant lunch picnic at the specially designated picnic tables.

If your goal is to see as much of the wildlife and flora as possible and to observe the animals in an environment close to their natural habitat, you can visit the Botanical gardens and Floral show house.

Sports, picnics, or hiking – Niagara can offer a wide selection of recreational activities for every taste.

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