Where is Ball’s Falls?

Located in Lincoln, Ontario the Ball’s Falls Conservation Area is a favorite place for long walks in nature, to observe the wide range of plant and animal species, and to spend your time with friends and family. The area is surrounding the beautiful Ball’s waterfalls and covers the impressive 200 acres of land. Apart from the two waterfalls and the countless walking routes, you can also be impressed by the historic buildings left in the area from the 19th century. You can visit preserved buildings such as the blacksmith shop, the original family home of the Balls, lime kiln, Ball’s Falls barn, and others.

Address: 3292 Sixth Ave, Lincoln, ON L0R 1S0, Canada
Phone: +19055625235

Balls Falls Map

Balls Falls Map

Waterfalls at Ball’s Falls Conservation Area

At the Ball’s Falls Conservation Area, there are two waterfalls, aptly called the Lower Falls (27 meters high) and the Upper Falls (11 metres high). These are two of the best waterfalls on the Bruce Trail along the 900 km Bruce Trail that spans southern Ontario. It’s easy to find both waterfalls, and there are a couple of ways to view them.
m 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Lower Falls

lower ball falls view
The easiest way to see the Lower Falls is to walk to the Lower Falls lookout. You’ll be able to admire this classic waterfall and a circular, sculpted gorge. Depending on the time you visit, the waterfall will be more or less intense. It’s one of the best waterfalls in the Niagara region.

There’s a way to walk down to the base of the Lower Falls from the Bruce Trail on either side of the creek. On the Bruce Trail, from the bottom of the huge staircase (which leads up to Ball’s Falls Conservation Area), keep walking past the stairs instead of walking up. It’s not a clear path, and you’re going to have to take some extra precautions around the creek.

Upper Falls

a view to upper ball falls
The Upper Falls is at the end of the Cataract Trail. The Upper Falls has one main waterfall, a cascade plunge, as well as some secondary small water, trickles to the side. The waterfall looks just as beautiful from the bottom. From the Cataract Trail, you can take a secondary dirt path that follows close to the creek. Once you navigate around some rocks and boulders, you will reach the base of the Upper Falls. You could see a few people swimming here during the summer months.

Ball’s Falls History

The name of the place comes from the Balls brothers, who were the first to develop its economic potential. Although of German origin, they settled around the waterfalls by building a mill, a barn and began processing wool and other raw materials. This rapid economic development was halted by the construction of the Welland Canal in the mid-19th century. Today the old face has been returned to the area, as the authorities built a working flour mill, a lime kiln, and other buildings remaining of the previous prosperity of the town.

Schedule and Ball’s Falls  Admission Fee

The taxes for visiting Ball’s Falls are:

  • $8 for adult and $6 for student or senior
  • $24 for max car
  • $135 for a bus

The working hours are:

  • Ball’s Falls Park is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • The Center for Conservation is working every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • The self-guided tours are possible all year round

Ball’s Falls Hiking

Ball’s Falls is the perfect place for hiking enthusiasts. You can choose a route to watch the waterfall from its base or from the top. The Cataract Trail is one of the most popular routes because it allows you to observe the main sights. Another famous route is the Bruce Trail, which is located near the lower waterfalls. Other routes offer a walk in the flora and fauna or in the historic area.

There are five hiking trails at Ball’s Falls to explore:

Ball’s Falls Hiking Trails

The Village Trail

The Village Trail is 1.3km long and on paved paths, it’s an easy hike. It travels to a lookout where you can admire the Lower Falls through the heritage village. To link up with the Switchback Trail and the Cataract Trail, this trail crosses 6th Avenue and a pedestrian bridge over Twenty Mile Creek.

Switchback Trail

The Switchback Trail connects the other hiking trails to the parking lot. It’s only 600 meters in length, and you’re going to have to navigate up or down a hill. The Switchback Trail also links the Forest Frolic Trail with the other hiking trails. It’s rated as an easy hike.

The Forest Frolic Trail

The Forest Frolic Trail, rated as easy to moderate, is an 850-meter loop trail. It’s only going to take you about 20 minutes to hike this trail around. Because I was hiking the Bruce Trail, I did not end up walking the Forest Frolic Trail. If you stay within the borders of the Conservation Area of Ball’s Falls, feel free to add to this little journey through the forest. It’s a good one for children, too as an easier hike.

the Cataract Trail

The Cataract Trail is one of all the Ball’s Falls trails you need to experience. Following Twenty Mile Creek through the forest, leading to the Upper Falls, the Cataract Trail is a 1.7km hiking trail. You’ll see old stone ruins on your way to the Upper Falls, which used to be a woolen mill. Keep hiking along the path until the end of the trail is reached. This is where the Upper Falls are found.

Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail at Ball’s Falls Conservation Area is rated as difficult by the trail map, but we would rate it as a moderate challenge. At one point, you’ll have to walk up or down a large flight of stairs. The Twenty Valley Gorge travels through this portion of the Bruce Trail. It’s a very beautiful and scenic area, and on the way, you’ll catch glimpses of Twenty Mile Creek.

Ball’s Falls Church

Weddings are often held near the Balls Falls Memorial Chapel, and the area is great for photoshoots.

The Ball`s Falls Church can accommodate up to 110 guests, at any time of the year. The ceremonies are held in two places – Center for Conservation (for 120 guests) or The Big Barn (for a maximum of 190 guests). If you appreciate the old look of the environment, then this is the right choice for you. Free parking for guests is also provided. It is also possible to arrange an outdoor wedding if the season allows.

A view to Balls Falls church white building
Balls Falls Church picture from behind
The most preferred season to visit is spring, but, of course, each season has its own charm. However, the visit to the area of Balls Falls and Balls Falls Conservation Area will surely leave an unforgettable memory.

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