Shopping in Niagara

Woman holding bags on her shoulder after a long day of shopping

Niagara can also become one of your favorite places to shop. With so many millions of tourists per year, trade is one of the main drivers of the economy and a favorite pastime of visitors.

One of the popular places is Niagara Outlet Mall where you can find very good offers for various goods – clothes, jewelry, bags and shoes, pet accessories, and much more. Other places are Souvenir City and Pen Center. Apart from something for yourself, you can also choose a suitable gift for a loved one, as well as wonderful Canadian souvenirs.

Around Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara, there are a number of opportunities to shop for everything you need and thus combine fun with buying gifts, for example.

The perfect place to have fun, Clifton Hill, offers specialty collectibles such as postcards. On the streets of the city, you can find works by local artists, sculptures, and antique shops.

Niagara Parkway also houses the largest gift shop in the area. There you can find handmade glass figures, homemade candies, and all sorts of items reminiscent of your visit to Niagara.

Niagara is a place that can satisfy the desires and tastes of everyone when it comes to shopping. The wide range of souvenir shops will make your choice difficult, but you will certainly not regret your purchases.

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