Atlantis Wines

Atlantis Wines is aimed at the luxury segment in winemaking. The winery can be found in Beamsville, Ontario.

The founders of Atlantis Winery were Hungarian emigrants who arrived in Canada in the distant 1956. At first, the family was engaged in tobacco production, but after buying their first land, they turned to wine.

The first vintage of ice wines from 2010 Cabernet Franc costs $ 125 dollars for a bottle of 375 ml. The series is limited and contains only 100 bottles.

The grapes used are produced only on family farms, the amount of production is limited, but the extremely high quality and rich taste are worth it.

From 1.5 acres, in the beginning, today the winery extends to 100 acres, in two separate locations.

In 2021, the official store of Atlantis Niagara Winery will be opened.

In addition to wine, the winery also produces fruit ciders and ice wines, making the range richer. Sales are also possible online, but only on the spot, you can enjoy the whole process from the collection of grapes, through their pressing, fermentation, to bottling.

During your visit to the winery, you can try different luxury wines and get a short lesson about the history of the area and its development as one of the largest wineries in Niagara.

Address: 4581 N Service Rd, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B1, Canada
Phone: +1 905-932-5321

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