Konzelmann Winery

The Konzelmann Estate Winery is well-known among vacationers, primarily due to the breathtaking scenery afforded by its location close to the lake. The warm and welcoming attitude of the staff contributes to the overall positive experience that each guest has.

A variety of events, each with their own distinct flavor, are planned and hosted here, and a warm and welcoming environment is always maintained. For those interested in the production of wine, there are also guided tours available that are both educational and interesting.

The fact that this is the only lakefront winery in Niagara contributes to the one-of-a-kind character of the establishment.

Events that are planned and organized are always very interesting and entertaining. An illustration of this would be the “Junk Food Experience,” a 25-minute tasting of wine and junk food (jelly candies, chocolate, etc.)

On-site planners facilitate a good number of weddings and engagements as well as wedding proposals. Visitors are welcome at the winery at any time of the year.

The immigration to the United States of a German family that has a long history of involvement in the production of both food and wine marks the beginning of the history of the winery. They uprooted and moved to Canada in 1984. The winery has amassed a great deal of notoriety over the course of its existence, and as a result, customer demand is skyrocketing even as production capacity remains unchanged. The Konzelmann wine cellar challenges the conventional wisdom regarding Canadian winemaking, which has, up until this point, been given too little credit.

This winery is distinguished by its refined taste as well as its atmosphere; wine lovers who are serious about their hobby should pay it a visit because it is well worth their time.

Address: 1096 Lakeshore Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0, Canada
Phone: +1 905-935-2866

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