Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark Resort

A view to entrance of great wolf lodge waterpark resort
Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark Resort in Niagara Falls, Canada is a popular vacation destination for families and groups looking for a fun and exciting getaway. The resort features an indoor waterpark with a variety of water slides, pools, and attractions, as well as a range of other amenities, activities, and services that are sure to keep visitors of all ages entertained.

The waterpark at Great Wolf Lodge is the main draw for many visitors. The park features a variety of water slides, including tube slides, body slides, and mat slides, as well as a wave pool, lazy river, and a kiddie pool with interactive water features. The waterpark also has a number of private cabanas available for rent, providing a relaxing and comfortable space for guests to enjoy the waterpark.

In addition to the waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge also offers a variety of other activities and amenities. The resort features a fitness center, an arcade, a miniature golf course, a ropes course, and a bowling alley. The resort also offers a variety of kids’ activities and programs, including a MagiQuest game, a Build-A-Bear Workshop, and a Scooops Kid Spa.

The resort also offers a variety of dining options, including a full-service restaurant, a food court, and a Starbucks. Guest rooms at Great Wolf Lodge are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including standard rooms, suites, and themed rooms, with amenities like mini-fridges, microwaves, and coffee makers.

Great Wolf Lodge is also a perfect location for groups and events. The resort offers a variety of meeting and event spaces, as well as a dedicated events team to help plan and execute corporate events, family reunions, and other special occasions.

Address: 3950 Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 7M8, Canada
Phone: +1 905-354-4888

Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark in Niagara Falls

great wolf lodge indoor waterpark in niagara falls

Fort Mackenzie

The fun that can be had at this Water Tree Fort is Endless. Discover all of the levels of crazy fun while splashing around in the most impressive water fort treehouse you’ve ever seen. Take pleasure in the kid-activated splash features and water toys that encourage interaction. You can restart the game by escaping through the body slides in the Totem Tower. Also, keep an ear out for the bell—when you hear it, it means the enormous bucket perched atop the structure is about to fall.

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Beaver And Squirrel Falls

The treehouse can be reached by climbing up, and then sliding down via the slide. You can make a hasty exit from the treehouse at Fort Mackenzie by utilizing one of the available water slides. When you reach the bottom, the action doesn’t end; instead, you need to keep an ear out for the bell signaling that the bucket is about to tip, and then get ready for a particularly thorough drenching. After navigating your way through a number of waterfalls and a large number of kid-powered spray effects, you will eventually arrive back at Fort Mackenzie to continue your adventure. And who knows, maybe a couple more descents on the Beaver and Squirrel Falls.

Rainbow Lake

Ready, set, surf! Grab a wave, make a splash, and have fun as the swells roll in from the end of the pool that is five feet deep all the way to the shallow end that is zero feet deep. Wave pools are a popular activity for children of all ages to enjoy while on family vacation. You’ll be lifted and carried along by the rollers as they come in every five minutes, riding the surge of the ocean’s tide.

Crystal River

crystal river
A day spent having fun at a water park would not be complete without a lazy river. Cast aside your concerns and allow yourself to be carried away by your imagination as you float down the river with your loved ones. Allow yourself to fall into a comfortable groove as you allow the calm current to carry you along for as long as you like. Relax.

Wolf Tail

Prepare yourself to take off by stepping into the launch pad. After the floor gives way from under you, you are catapulted into a nearly vertical, 20-foot free fall that is immediately followed by a high-speed loop that goes around in a complete circle.

Loon Lagoon

Please take into consideration that Loon Lagoon is a component of the outdoor water park. The hours of operation for the outdoor park are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The hours of operation for an indoor water park typically run from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm.

Loon Lagoon is the place you’ll want to call home if you enjoy swimming, splashing around, and having fun. In our outdoor pool that is heated, having fun in the sun is the main objective. A pool with a zero-depth entry and a depth of 1.2 meters at one end provides plenty of opportunities for fun activities for families. These include water basketball, kiddie slides, and floor geysers.

Check our daily events listing to determine the best time to participate in the daily activities that are offered at the pool. Open daily at 10:00 am, beginning the weekend after Victoria Day and continuing until the weekend after Labor Day, if the weather permits.

Frog Pond

Maintain your equilibrium as you get moving forward! Your wolf pups are invited to a fun aquatic adventure by enormous lily pads and cargo nets that float in the water. This activity improves your wolf pups’ dexterity and strength while providing them with safe landings in warm water.

Kiddie Slides

Little wolf cubs, let’s band together! Your children are going to have a blast sliding down the fun-sized water slides that are included in this play pool. These are the attractions that people who are under 52 inches tall should visit because of the gentle slopes and the tiny dips and turns.

Canada Vortex

Prepare yourself for an immediate drop of forty feet into a whirlpool that is powered by a water jet. It’s very entertaining to hear four different tales in such a short amount of time. As soon as you roar into the whirling basin, you are in for who knows how many trips around the center before spinning on your way to a perfect splash landing.

Be sure to check out the adrenaline-pumping slide photo of your family that was taken in the photo booth that is located in the Northern Lights Arcade.

Wooly Mammoth

Experience the excitement of the Wooly Mammoth, the largest water slide in the entire water park, together with your friends and family. You and three of your friends will have the opportunity to race together in one of our enormous family rafts as you navigate a perilous course that features large splashes, steep drops, and an exhilarating final plunge. Make sure you check out the action-packed slide photo of your family that was taken in the photo booth that is located in the Northern Lights Arcade.

Niagara Rapids Run

The Niagara Rapids Run is a roller coaster that was designed specifically for use in water. During this exciting ride, your raft will be propelled up a steep ascent, and then you will be sent plunging down an exhilarating 52-foot vertical drop! Keep your grip tight as you careen through the curves, which twist and turn as you go, and howl as you go! You can take on this one in tandem tubes or even ride triple for three times the fun; it was designed for the more daring members of your family. Make sure you check out the action-packed slide photo of your family that was taken in the photo booth that is located in the Northern Lights Arcade.

Grizzly, Eagle and Bobcat Falls

grizzly eagle and bobcat falls slides
You have your choice of three lengthy and thrilling rides, and you can ride by yourself or create the ideal adventure for two. The Grizzly Falls, Eagle Falls, and Bobcat Falls each have their own unique set of twisting, turning, and splashing water slides. These slides take you right outside the lodge and back in again before the final drop into the plunge pool.

Otter Lake

Spend the day playing basketball and balancing games while swimming, laughing, and splashing. You can practice your hook shots, free throws, and rebounds on the friendly floats, or you can let your imagination run wild and try to maintain your balance while riding on them. Everyone has a blast playing water basketball, so you can count on going into overtime in this pool filled with games for the whole family.

Chipmunk Cove

Splash your way from the shallow end (which is zero depth) all the way to the deep end, which is 45 centimeters (18 inches) deep. Explore some of the smaller water slides that have more gradual inclines and turns. Have the time of your life with your young children as you run around and play in the fountain forest. Chipmunk Cove is where you’ll find the teeny-tiny wolf cub pack when you’re in the area.

Indoor Whirlpool Hot Spas

Take a moment to relax, take it easy, and bask in the glow of your accomplishments! You and your children will have a wonderful time taking advantage of the opulently comforting warmth that soothes and relaxes every muscle in your body. The perfect way to unwind after a day filled with laughter and good times! There is one hot spa that is only for adults that is located outside, and another hot spa that is located inside that is designated for families.

Outdoor Whirlpool Hot Spas

Take a break from the action of your water park adventure in one of our Outdoor Whirlpool hot spas, where the water is kept at a comfortable temperature. As you slow down to soak up some radiance, you can feel the heat relaxing every muscle in your body. It’s a fun way to wrap up a day of splashing around at the water park. This is only for adults over the age of 16, so no children please.

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