Vacation Rentals in Niagara

Vacation rentals are gaining more and more popularity in the Niagara area. They become a preferred alternative to hotels because they offer a mixture of hotel amenities and home comfort. Most often, these are houses, mostly old, with spacious rooms providing personal space.

By renting cottage or vacation rentals you have a wide choice of locations with amazing views of the Niagara River or those near casinos and entertainment, it all depends on your preferences.

This type of accommodation offers a number of amenities such as free parking, wi-fi, delicious cuisine from which you can order, smiling staff. Some of them also offer accommodation for pets.

In this type of house, a huge plus is the ability to accommodate more people – for example up to 10 people, which is extremely convenient if you travel with a lot of friends or with your big family.

Accommodation in vacation rentals has a number of advantages. There are already whole streets in the Niagara area where most properties have been converted into this type of accommodation, such as River Road. Multilingual staff, good support, and all the facilities offered will make your stay unforgettable.

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