Horseshoe Falls aka Canadian Falls

Every year, the Canadian coast of Niagara Falls attracts millions of tourists. They are all interested in the impressive views of the three waterfalls – Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. Niagara Falls is used as a collective name for all three. Horseshoe Falls is the largest of them.

picture of Horseshoe Falls from the sky

Where Horseshoe Falls is located?

Horseshoe Falls is located on the exact border between Canada and America and even a small part of it (about 10%) is in the American part.picture showing borders between USA and Canada.

The waterfall stretches from Table Rock to Goat Island, which separates it from Bridal Veil Falls with curving 3,000-foot (900-metre) long and is 57 meters/187 foot high. From this the name of the waterfall comes from its shape, resembling the hoof of a horse. The other name by which it is often called is the Canadian Falls. It is the most distinctive feature when it comes to the appearance of Niagara.

picture of horseshoe falls showing location between terraping point and table rock. Also show length and height of the fall.

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Although it is not the world’s largest waterfall (with its 790 meters in length), Horseshoe Falls is among the top in terms of volume of water flowing – more than 2,271,240 liters of water per second. In fact, the mainstream of Niagara Falls passes through it.

The flow of Horseshow Falls comes from the Niagara River. The river became a border point between the United States and Canada in 1819 after the signing of the Treaty of Ghent. This agreement separates the three waterfalls, and American and Bridal Veil Falls stay entirely in the United States, and Horseshoe Falls is almost entirely in Canada. After the 1980 United States Army Corps of Engineers built diversion dams to displace the water at Terrapin Point and reduce its erosion force there, virtually 120 meters of the waterfall were obliterated.

The erosion of water, regardless of human activity, is inevitable and in the future, it will contribute to the appearance of the waterfall. It plays a major role both in the formation of waterfalls and in the slow change in rock masses and riverbeds. It is even believed that after 23,000 years it is possible for the waterfalls to disappear.

The Canadian side of the waterfalls is more preferred by tourists. Of course, this does not mean that the calmer and quieter American country has nothing to offer. This is because most attractions and hotels are concentrated around the Canadian coast.

There are a number of places from which you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Horseshoe FallsQueen Victoria Park, Rainbow Bridge, Table Rock Welcome Center. Attractions such as Journey Behind the Falls and Hornblower Niagara Cruises allow you to see the waterfall from different points of view – the first behind the water table itself, passing through tunnels in the rocks, and the second right next to the waterfall, on the Niagara River, feeling water splashes on you face.

Near the Horseshoe Falls aka Canadian Falls, you can visit attractions such as Nikola Tesla Monument, the Floral Showhouse, Niagara Skywheel, and many others. You can also enjoy a nice lunch or dinner overlooking the waterfall, and why not a picnic among the ridges in Niagara Park. There are also high-ranking hotels nearby.

On the American side of the falls, you can watch the waterfall in all its glory best from Goat Island and its Terrapin Point tower. For the best view, you can also try a helicopter flight.

Exactly this view is a favorite for wedding photo shoots and ceremonies. In addition, Horseshoe Falls is known as one of the most challenging places for daredevils in the world. In 1901, Annie Edson Taylor descended the waterfall closed in a barrel. Fortunately, she survived with minor injuries.

Near Horseshoe Falls, for the convenience of tourists, there are parking lots in Niagara Park with four separate areas. If you travel by RVs or bus, you can leave them at Parking lot 3, which is in the east end of Goat Island close to the Three Sisters Islands. The other 3 lots are suitable for cars and are located at Prospect Point, near the entrance to the Cave of the Winds, and at the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center.

Interestingly, the deepest point on the Niagara River is just below Horseshoe Falls. The depth there reaches 51 meters, which is almost equal to the height of the waterfall itself.

As the largest of the three waterfalls, The Horseshoe Falls is also the most iconic and attracts the largest number of tourists. The impressive picture is captured in more than one or two photos, and the area offers a number of attractions, recreation areas, restaurants, and hotels.

Volume of water: 600,000 U.S. gallons / 2,271,247 liters per second

    • The Estimated Crestline is 670 meters wide
    • The depth of the river at the base of the Falls is 56 meters (184 ft).
    • The depth of the Niagara River is lower than the depth of the Falls.
    • The upper part of the Niagara River is 35 km from Lake Erie.
    • The estimated flow rate for Horseshoe Falls is 168,000 cubic meters.
    • The western channel is known as the Canadian or Chippawa Channel (17.7 km long and 610 to 1220 m wide)
    • The Niagara River flows approximately 35 miles per hour (56.3 kilometers per hour)
    • Many couples choose to marry against the backdrop of the Horseshoe Falls.
    • The Canadian side of the Falls was first called “horseshoe” in 1721.
    • The length of the Niagara River is 58 km
    • The Niagara River is divided into two-the West Channel and the East Channel.
    • The eastern canal is known as the American or Tonawandan Canal (24 km long and 460 to 610 m wide) carries only 40 % of the total flow of the river.
    • A lot of daredevils have tried different stunts over the Horseshoe Falls. 63-year-old school teacher Annie Edson Taylor was the first to attempt to cross the flowing waters of a barrel of water, and she survived.
    • Fish swim all the time over the falls!

Picture gallery of Canadian Falls/Horseshoe Falls

About Niagara Falls, New York, USA

Niagara Falls is a New York state town on the Niagara River. The vast Niagara Falls that border the Canadian border are known. Observation Tower in Niagara Falls State Park juts across Niagara Gorge to see all three of the waterfalls at Prospect point. Paths to other points of view from the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center. Humboldt penguins, seals, and sea lions are located in Niagara Aquarium.

About Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

The Niagara Falls has been a tourist attraction for over 200 years, really one of the most beautiful natural wonders! It is estimated that about 30 million people visit the Niagara Falls every year, not only to see the Niagara Falls, but also to visit world-famous wineries in the Niagara-on-the-Lake area. [show_more more=”read more” less=”read less”]There’s so much to see and do in Niagara, it’s a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only is Toronto a captivating location, but it also makes it the ideal place to visit the Niagara Falls, which is only 80 miles away. This spectacular natural scene, situated near the U.S.-Canadian border, marks the middle of the Niagara River on its way from Lake Erie to Ontario.[/show_more]

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