Niagara Gorge Discovery Center

The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center is the perfect spot for anyone who enjoys a hike, bird watching, or just an afternoon of relaxation. The center includes numerous exhibits including several that have been featured on the Discovery Channel and CNN. There is also an excellent library with many interesting books and magazines for people to enjoy while in the center.

If you visit during a particularly active season, you will be able to enjoy free guided tours to take you through the gorge. During the peak winter months, the free guided tours may include snow-capped mountains, and valleys, as well as breathtaking views of Lake Erie. At any time of year, you can make use of the information booths at the Center that offers information on everything from water activities to wildlife, to history. They will also tell you about the various trails that are available for hiking and backpacking.

The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center is located in West Seneca, New York, and is part of the Niagara Falls Visitor Center. The information booths and informative displays at the Center are designed to help visitors learn about the gorge and its surroundings. During your visit, you will find out all about the history of the gorge, as well as how to plan a family outing for a night of adventure.

One of the most important aspects of exploring the gorge is knowing what you want to see. There are several attractions that will take you by the horns: Skywalk, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Niagara River Adventures, Scenic Railroad, and the Niagara River and Lake Railroad. Each of these attractions will offer a wonderful experience for every visitor.

Once you have chosen the area where you would like to go, you will be able to easily navigate the gorge and visit all of the attractions without having to worry about anything else except enjoying yourself. In addition to having all of the necessary maps to get you to your favorite attractions, the information booths at the center will also provide tips on what you can do in the area while you are there.

The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center is definitely an important stop on any Niagara Falls visit. If you visit during a particularly busy season, you will be able to enjoy the best of what the area has to offer while being able to enjoy the scenery in its natural state.

Address: Niagara Falls, NY 14303, United States
Phone: +1 716-278-1070

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