Niagara Gorge Discovery Center

This museum is closed permanently.

Hidden in the heart of Niagara Falls, New York, lies a haven of geological and natural history: The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center. This treasure trove offers a wealth of educational exhibits and outdoor activities that provide an exciting and enriching perspective of the iconic Niagara Falls and the surrounding region.

A Gateway to the Past

The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center, often called “the gateway to Niagara’s geological wonders,” is designed to educate visitors about the natural and local history of Niagara Falls. The center offers a range of exhibits that delve into the rich 400-million-year geological history of the region. Detailed displays explain the formation of the Niagara Gorge and Falls, the power of water erosion, and the importance of environmental conservation.

Interactive Exhibits

What sets the Niagara Gorge Discovery Center apart is the interactive nature of its exhibits. Here, learning becomes fun and engaging with hands-on displays, animations, and fossils. The Center’s rock climbing wall, for instance, lets you explore the different strata of the Niagara Gorge up close, in a thrilling, tactile manner. Meanwhile, the virtual reality displays provide an immersive view of the Falls’ history and its present-day majesty.

Adventure Awaits Outdoors

The Center also serves as the starting point for various hiking trails that descend into the Niagara Gorge. These trails cater to different fitness levels and range from easy to challenging. The most popular among them is the Niagara Gorge Rim Trail, offering hikers stunning views of the rapids, whirlpool, and the Devil’s Hole State Park.

Additionally, the Center offers guided hikes led by experienced naturalists, providing insightful commentary about the region’s flora, fauna, and geology.

A Learning Experience for All Ages

The Niagara Gorge Discovery Center is a place where both adults and children can enjoy and learn. The Kids Discovery Zone is specially designed to keep younger visitors engaged with a variety of fun and educational activities. Interactive games, puzzles, and informative displays about local wildlife are sure to ignite their curiosity and appreciation for nature.

Visitor Amenities

The Center provides several amenities to ensure a comfortable visit. These include ample parking, restrooms, a gift shop, and an outdoor picnic area. There’s also a theater that plays educational films about Niagara Falls’ history and the powerful natural processes that continue to shape the landscape.

Address: Niagara Falls, NY 14303, United States
Phone: +1 716-278-1070

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