Hyde Park – a Place for Sport and Rest

Known as the “Jewel of Niagara Falls” Hyde Park, is the largest city park in New York (outside of Manhattan). It is a municipal park, ideal for family gatherings, leisurely walks, or sports.

Great importance is attached to sports in Hyde Park. Visitors have the opportunity to visit one of the golf courses, swim or play tennis, bowling, or go fishing. Sal Maglie Stadium has repeatedly become an arena for professional baseball matches.

But Hyde Park is not only known for sports. The rose garden attracts many tourists and is popular for photos – wedding or for other occasions. During the warm months, the park is an ideal place for a relaxing picnic with the family, and around the lake, you can feed the ducks and enjoy the peaceful view.

The name Hyde Park comes from its creator Charles Hyde. After his death, he left his lands (which at that time were on the outskirts of the city) for a city park. Over the years, additional acres of land have been donated or purchased to reach its current size.

The park is open all year round and in winter the main activity is ice hockey. In the days around the Christmas holidays, there is a festive mood with a free opportunity for children to skate in winter and take pictures with Santa Claus.

Whether you are a sports person, prefer the tranquility of nature, or just want to enjoy the beautiful views, Hyde Park is the place that can provide you with all this.

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