Devil`s Hole State Park – a favorite place in the Niagara George

Located in Niagara County, New York, Devil`s Hole State Park reveals stunning views of the lower Niagara George and Devil`s Hole Rapids.

The park offers a wide range of entertainment – an opportunity for a relaxing picnic with the family, fishing or climbing steep paths and stairs. And if your goal is just to admire the view, you should go down to the lowest point, where the Devil`s Hole Trail is located and the picture of the Niagara Gorge and rapids is fully revealed.

Devil`s Hole State Park was opened in 1924 and covers an area of 42 acres. The area has a history of being one of the most valuable transportation hubs in the region for the Native Americans. The area later became a battlefield when the first European settlers tried to conquer it from the Americans.

The park is open for tourists all year round, but due to weather conditions, some parts of it may be limited in order to avoid accidents. The alleys are not lit at night, which makes the park suitable only for day visits. The entry is free. Pets are also allowed in the walking areas with a limit of 2 at a time, but only in a cage or on a leash. They are not allowed on playgrounds or in buildings.

Devil`s Hole State Park gives you the opportunity to escape from the noisiest and crowded attractions and spend time in nature while enjoying the view.

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