Three Sisters Islands

Three Sisters Islands is a group of three small islands on the south side of Goat Island. The islands are located very close to the border between the United States and Canada and belong to the American side of Niagara Falls.

Three Sisters Islands on map

A pedestrian bridge connects Goat Island with the nearest of the three islands, and then it is connected to the other two also by bridges.

Visiting these little nooks and crannies allows you to see up close the rapids of the Niagara River just before you reach Horseshoe Falls and even touch the water standing on the shore.

The history of the name of the islands comes from the family of General Parkhurst Whitney, who was the first European settler in these places with his three daughters in 1810. They were also the first to discover and explore the group of islands.

The names of the islands are in fact the names of the general’s daughters – Asenath, Angeline, and Celinda Eliza.

There is a fourth very small island close to these three. It is called Solon by the name of the three sisters` brother.

The general later became an important figure in the area after founding the Cataract House Hotel.

Each of the three islands is overgrown with lush vegetation and offers the opportunity for a short rest and walk. In addition, the view that the islands offer is worth seeing – the rustling rapids of the Niagara River just before the water reaches Horseshoe Falls.

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