Battle Ground Hotel Museum

Visiting the Battle Ground Hotel Museum, you visit the place of the real battle of Lundy`s Lane. The tour has a guide who can introduce you to the interesting and historical facts about the place, the war of 1812 and the development of tourism in the area. Located in the heart of Historic Drummondville, the area around the museum is rich in historical events and battles, memorials, and stories.

Address: 6151 Lundy’s Ln, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 1T4, Canada
Phone: +19053585082
Working Hours:

Open for the Summer Season
Mid May to Late August
Friday- Sunday: 11am – 5pm
(closed from 2pm – 3pm during Battlefield Tours)

The building that represents the museum has been visited by millions of tourists over the years because it has retained its original appearance from the mid-19th century, including much of the furniture, and can take you back to the old village tavern life.

The attraction does not have its own parking lot, but a few minutes walk away is the parking lot of Citi of Niagara Falls, where you can leave your car. There are some other parking options as well, a little bit more far away from the museum.

The reason for the museum to be created is in order to study and preserve artifacts and historical data about the development of tourism in the area over the centuries, the War of 1812 and the notorious battle of Lundy’s Lane. Today, The Battle Ground Museum has become the guardian and face of Canadian history and identity.

The creation of the museum is inevitably associated with the name of Ruth Redmond and her history. She was a teacher and a lawyer who fought for a long time to keep the legacy of the battle intact. Subsequently, she donated the land on which the museum is located today.

History lover and patriot Мs. Redmond had to buy the land on credit to leave it as a legacy to Canadian citizens so they know more about their history.

Thanks to Ruth Redmond, this property has been preserved to remind us of the famous battle and to introduce visitors to 19th-century life. A great place for lovers of history, Battle Ground Hotel Museum will take you back in time.

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