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picture of wide angle to Journey Behind the Falls attraction

Journey Behind the Falls is one of the most beloved adventures by tourists and among the oldest attractions of Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

It is located in the Table Rock Center and is its major attraction. The incredible view that unfolds at the base of Horseshoe Falls, behind the waterfall itself and the proximity to one of the most famous natural wonders makes this attraction a must stop.



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The tour lasts about 45 minutes and is self-guided so you can choose by yourself how much time to spend on every stop. To protect themselves from water splashes and moisture, visitors receive a free raincoat during the warmer months.

The journey begins with a 125 ft descent with an elevator that takes tourists to tunnels dug in the rocks and two portals just behind the falling water at 65 kilometers per hour – Cataract Portal and the Great Falls Portal. The tunnels are about 46 meters long and their open exits serve to see the waters of Horseshoe Falls falling like a white diaper. The road continues on foot to the Upper and the Lower Deck, from where the magnificent view is revealed.

The road to the observation points passes through 130-year-old tunnels in the rocks behind the waterfall. However, the road as well as the decks are safe and suitable for children. The upper Deck also has access for people with reduced mobility. Still, it is important to be prepared with comfortable shoes.

When you reach the observation points, the waterfall is on the right, which gives the opportunity for a complete view and for capturing amazing shots (it is a good idea to be prepared with a waterproof camera). Standing on the lower deck you will be amazed by the huge amount of falling water (about 2800 cubic meters per second).

During the transition, tourists can learn more from the signs about the history of the area, the attraction, and the tunnels from the posters that are stack around.

Tickets price

The price (in Canadian dollars) for the attraction depends on the season in which you visit it. In the tourist season from April to December the price is $23 for an adult and $15 for children from 6 to 12 years. As with other attractions, children 5 years old and younger are allowed free of charge. During the cold months, when the weather conditions are bad, the lower deck is closed to visitors, which leads to a reduction in price. From December to April, the price is $15 for an adult and $10 for a child. In reality, Journey Behind the Falls is open all year round, and as a day off is only Christmas. The attraction opens at 9 a.m.

Of course, the ideal seasons to visit this adventure are the warm months from April till December, when it is fully open. However, you need to be prepared for the crowds of people and the queuing that awaits you. If you have a strict schedule or travel with small children you should keep that on mind and leave enough free time.

For those who drive away, they can use the paid parking lot at Niagara Falls nearby or the Clifton Hill parking lot. Another option is to park further away and take a bus to the waterfall.

The history of Journey Behind the Falls dates back to 1818, when closed stairs were built on the site of today’s attraction, and then in 1832 spiral steps that lead the adventurers to the spreading water diaper of water. Those who managed to climb it received a certificate.

A tunnel with an elevator was built behind Horseshoe Falls in 1903 to transport workers from the nearby hydroelectric plant. This route has been expanded over the years, lighting and fortifications have been added, and in 1951, the observation platform was added, which still attracts millions of tourists and has become an extremely profitable business. Scenic Tunnels was the attraction’s previous name.

Journey Behind the Falls presents the waterfalls from different points of view and is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime event. You can hear the deafening sound of the water crashing into the rocks, feel the splashes on you, and enjoy the majestic view.

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