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Transport in Niagara Falls Canada

One of the most important things you need to know during your vacation is how to move around the city and from one attraction to another. This way the vacation will not turn into a pointless wandering and a waste of time.


The most commonly used system for navigating the sights of Niagara is WeGo. It consists of 4 lines, two of which serve the city’s landmarks (blue and red), one that goes around Niagara Parks (green line), and one that serves Niagara-on-the-Lake (orange line). You can buy a pass for 24 or 48 hours at the following prices:

  • $9 per adult and $6 per child for 24 hours;
  • $13.5 per adult and $10 per child for 48 hours pass.

City & Regional Transit Bus

The city of Niagara has a well-developed urban transportation network. The bus schedule is shortened only on Sundays.

You can travel between Niagara Falls – Welland – St. Petersburg. Catharines – Port ColborneFort Erie with the service of Niagara Region Transit. Before you leave, it is important to know that Sunday is a day off for these buses.


You can also choose to take a taxi or an Uber to get around. There are usually taxis in front of the big hotels and the main attractions, but you can also call by phone. The main companies are Niagara Falls Taxi and Central Taxi.


Many tourists do not want to rely on public transport and prefer to rent a car. This is a convenient option especially if you are going to travel more in the area. You can use several companies as advance reservation with date and time is required.


For sports fans, Niagara also offers the opportunity to rent a bike. This way you will be able to enjoy the views and move faster between the different places. There are a number of free car parks and kiosks where you can leave your bike while exploring. One of the most commonly used applications is Zoom Leisure Bikes.

Last but not least, the tour operators offer different types of tours, which usually cover the most important attractions. Whether you prefer a bus tour or walking tour, the guided tour is for those who prefer more relaxed and organized tours.

Preparing for Niagara transportation will prevent unpleasant situations and unnecessary delays in your plans. When you are well-informed, you can enjoy your trip.

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