How to get to DeCew Falls in Ontario

DeCew Fall is one of the waterfalls of the Niagara Escarpment on DeCew Road near St. Catharines, Ontario. It’s a picturesque waterfall situated right below a historic mill-the ideal place to go out and explore for waterfall lovers. Two major waterfalls are found in DeCew Falls-Upper DeCew Falls (22 m plunge waterfall) and Lower DeCew Falls (25 ft steep waterfall cascade).

Explore the Morningstar Mill in the afternoon, hike along the Bruce Trail, swing into the swimming hole in a forested setting before finishing at the Falls!

Free parking for DeCew Falls is available at Morningstar Mill, an old mill that is being restored at the top of the falls.

From the Mill, take the Bruce Trail. If you stay along the Bruce Trail, it’s a pretty easy hike you can do in flip flops, but if you want to get to the gorge and close to the falls, all the trails are a rather steep and slippery hike, so please be careful.

You’re going to have to get into the gorge-there are two popular ways to get closer to the falls. We recommend taking a long way down and back to Morningstar Mills, as there have been a lot of short-haul accidents in recent years.

THE SHORT WAY (Not safe, not recommended)

The shortcut includes going down the rope. At the beginning of the Bruce Trail, look for a steep but well-traveled path to the left. It’s not easy to spot, but you’re going to find a rope tied to a tree you’re going to climb down. After climbing the rope, you take another very steep path to the left until you reach the base of the upper falls.


Via muddy + rocky paths and through both the Lower and Upper Drop, the long way around will lead you to a swimming hole. Follow the Bruce Trails for the long route before you reach a road fork and stay to the left. This is not a well-maintained trail and it is very steep and rough. The swimming hole with a rope is the first point you can reach. We have been advised that the swimming hole is on private property, so we kindly ask you not to infringe on it.

You will first reach the lower cascading DeCew Falls and, if you proceed, you will reach the upper DeCew falls with a view of the mill. Proceed left towards the Mill.

We suggest you take the long way back to get back to the Mill, as it is the safest path. You can opt to take a shortcut as well. If you do, you’re going to want to stick to the right-it ‘s going to be a pretty long, rocky climb up to the rope. Climbing up the rope takes you close to the beginning of the Bruce Trail!

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