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Wheelchair Accessibility in Niagara Canada

Attractions and hotels in Niagara strive to make it as easy as possible for its guests and to offer full access for people with reduced mobility.

Many hotels offer the possibility of renting a wheelchair or scooter, and to make sure that it will be available, it is good to book them when booking the room. Many attractions also offer this opportunity for free, but there the principle is that the first person in need receives a wheelchair, i.e. there is no advance reservation.

Table Rock Welcome Center, for example, has 8 chairs, Floral Showhouse and Butterfly Conservatory have one each. Marineland offers wheelchair rental for a fee, which can be found at the Aquarium Dome.


Many companies offer the possibility to rent mobility scooters and wheelchairs with the possibility to deliver them to a certain point in Niagara and then pick them up from another point at an agreed time.

Examples are eSkoot Niagara, RentMe Niagara Falls, Motion Specialties, Pharmashield Dispensary, and Queen Street Pharmacy. It is a good idea to book the necessary equipment in advance.

The WEGO system supports people with reduced mobility by providing them with the necessary facilities during movement – kneeling buses, audio-visual messages in vehicles, wide doors and seats, easily accessible buttons, and more.

An alternative to WEGO is Chair-A-Van. For them, it is necessary to make a reservation at least 24 hours before the trip.

For visitors to Niagara with limited mobility who want to travel by train, the opportunity is open for year-round Falls Incline Railways.

Almost all points in Niagara are wheelchair accessible. The owners of hotels and attractions strive to be maximally prepared and fair to these visitors. Of course, when planning your trip, check the availability of such aids in advance.

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